About us

DealChart – what is it?

DealChart is a different kind of daily deals site – it collects deals from all the other sites out there and ranks them by popularity, presenting you with just the best ones. No more sifting through dozens of deals or receiving loads of deal emails every day. DealChart does the searching and sorting for you, delivering only the ones you really want.

What makes DealChart different (and better)?

DealChart is the only site that collects and ranks all of the deals out there, saving you a hell of a lot of time.

We know it, you know it – there are so many daily deal sites. But that’s okay, because without them, DealChart couldn’t exist (and couldn’t be as awesome as we reckon it is). We do the hard work of sorting through all those daily deals out there from the dozens of sites, rank them by popularity and present you with only the best of them. Because we know you’re too busy with your life to be faffing about doing it yourself.

How did the idea for DealChart come about?

We loved daily deals, just like many others do. But also like many people, we got fed up with having to trawl through hundreds of deals every day to find one we liked – not to mention all those emails in our inbox to deal with. So we had a think, and realised that a ranking system was the way to go. It’s a proven system people love to interact with. If I want a good song, I go the iTunes top 50 music chart. A good book? I read the bestsellers list. Now, when I want a good deal, I go to DealChart.

How it works?

How does DealChart work?

With DealChart, you no longer need to subscribe to the other deal sites. We collect the best deals from ALL of those sites across Australia – like Groupon, Cudo, Spreets, Scoopon, Ourdeal, LivingSocial – and send the top 10 deals to you in one email. Or, you can view them on our website. But we don’t just chuck all the deals at you willy-nilly. We rank them first by popularity, and this is updated every five minutes in real time.

This means that the deals you see on DealChart are the kind of things people really want (not a couple of bucks off at a mini golf course in the middle of nowhere, or an extra course at a restaurant you wouldn’t want to eat at anyway). If you don’t see a deal you like in the top 10, you can see the top 20, or 30 or 50, or 100… you get the idea. You can also view ranked deals by category, like ‘Eat’, ‘Play’, ‘Shop’, ‘Travel’ and more.

When you find the deal you like, you’ll be taken through to the website it was found on (like Groupon or Cudo), and you purchase it the usual way. Simple – and that’s what DealChart’s all about.